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Honda Pridor price in Pakistan January 2024

Honda Pridor price in Pakistan January 2024 update

Honda Pridor price in Pakistan January 2024 update

Japanese auto goliath Map book Honda carried out its Pridor years 10 years back, the 100cc bicycle actually keeps on administering the roads in spite of being a specialty item.

Honda Pridor supplanted the past 100cc bicycle, and it accompanies a few highlights including EURO-II Norm, further developed carburetor, sharp suppressor with chrome monitor, a la mode splendid head light.

The bicycle's solid suspension, crankcase emanation control framework, and further developed new plan taillight.

Honda Pridor highlights


OHV air cooled single chamber


4 speed

Exhaust and Stroke

50 x 49.5 mm



Ground Freedom

156 mm

Tire at Front:

2.75 - 18 4 PR

Tire at Back

2.75 - 18 6 PR


Dark and Red

Dry Weight

96 KG

Honda Pridor has not stayed most selling bicycle of auto monster yet it designated low-pay market considering its astounding fuel normal. Alongside style, solace, economy, and security, the bicycle keeps on rounding up deals of Pridor in spite of the reality, that the cost of bicycles is contacting rooftop in the midst of record expansion.

Honda Pridor cost in Pakistan

For January 2024, the cost of Honda Pridor remains at Rs208,900.

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