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How is tea consumed in Pakistan

Tea the Hottest drink of Pakistan

Pakistan’s Unwavering Love for Tea: A National Affair


blissful or miserable,
The most consumed refreshment in Pakistan is tea.
Despite the fact that sugarcane juice is viewed as the public beverage of Pakistan, the truth of the matter is that tea is the most drunk drink in this country

Be it happiness or sadness, celebration or any other occasion of joy, breakfast or dinner, first meeting or going to a dear far away country, tea is always our first priority.

Since tea is a common, favorite and cheap drink, it is enjoyed by people in urban and rural areas in many countries of the world and they also treat guests with it.

As a doctor and a tourist, I have a strong craving for tea and we have seen such "chawds" who pour five or six cups even in summer.

Tea keeps the body fresh and healthy and also relieves colds, headaches and colds.  Another study has shown that tea is also helpful in preventing cancer.

Consumption and import of tea in Pakistan

Tea has for quite some time been a dearest refreshment all over the planet, however a few nations have developed its utilization into a work of art.

These countries have fostered a culture of tea drinking, where hot tastes of tea have turned into a basic piece of day to day existence.  From elegant ceremonies held over tea to the gathering of friends around a pot of tea, these countries treat tea as a way of life rather than just a beverage.

Tea the Hottest drink of Pakistan

These countries include Pakistan along with other Asian countries which is a big buyer of tea due to its large population.

The consumption of tea in Pakistan is one and a half kilograms per capita per year, which ranks fourth after Turkey, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Pakistan imports its tea from other countries including China, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and India.  According to a study, in 2021, Pakistan imported 2,258,000 kg of green and black tea worth five hundred and ninety-six million dollars.  Thus, Pakistan became the largest tea importing country in 2021.

Then again, as per a news report of Urdu paper, Day to day Express (release on December 23, Saturday), in the initial five months of this monetary year, Pakistanis consumed tea worth Rs. was

In 2023, China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Argentina and Japan will be the top tea delivering nations on the planet, while China, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Japan will be among the tea selling nations. , Vietnam, Poland, Rwanda and Argentina.

Beginning of tea cultivation in Pakistan

Keeping in view the importance and need of tea in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan entered into a tea cultivation agreement with China in 1982, under which a detailed survey was carried out to select suitable areas for tea in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  These included Mansehra, Butgram, Swat and Shangla districts of Hazara and Malakand divisions.

Tea the Hottest drink of Pakistan

In 1986, Pakistan Agriculture Council imported different varieties of seeds from China and started experimental cultivation of tea on an area of 33 acres at Shankyari, a beautiful location in Mansehra district.  If the experiment worked, a tea company also set up a research station in Mansehra in 1986 at 'Achhariyan', the work of which was to compare the tea produced in Shankyari with tea from other countries in the world market.  Not only many companies of Pakistan showed great interest in this project for meeting the international standards, but the surrounding farmers also started cultivating tea on their lands.

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