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Shoaib Malik marries actor Sana Javed news
Petrol price in Pakistan down by Rs8/litre to Rs259.34 for next fortnight
Freelancer to start receiving payment from Paypal in February
How to Apply for NADRA Child Registration Certificate (CRC)  January 2024
Maulana Tariq Jamil’s son dies of gunshot wound
Saudi decision on cutting Pakistan Hajj groups ‘final’
Honda motorcycle up to 38 thousand rupees when the dollar is cheap   cheapness
Nawaz Sharif's return journey begins
Nadra Smart ID Card Duplicate fee October 2023
Actress Myra Khan married close friend and businessman Salim Khan          Murree
Gold price in Pakistan
Google Free & open online courses
 اگلے حج تک روڈ ٹو مکہ میں شامل پاکستان کا 18 تا 20 روز مختصر حج پیکج متعارف کروانے کا فیصلہ
پنجاب خیبر پختون خواہ اسلام اباد میں مزید 7187 گیس کنیکشن منقطع 55.2 ملین جرمانے
Election commission of Pakistan
Shaheen Afridi celebrates mehndi on eve of marriage ceremony
Metro bus fares to be raised from Oct 1
Announcement of 3 holidays at once for government employees
A reduction of up to Rs 3,000 is expected for consumers using 300 units and the relief will be given in October bills.